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    Expertise and tools of an international network, flexibility and closeness besides

BDO in favour of the regional preference

BDO REUNION MAYOTTE is a practice implanted and involved in the local life of Reunion Island. Our customers appreciate particularly the friendly relationship, they built with our teams present in the 4 micro regions of the island.

Beyond our daily commitment with our customers, we are attentive and attached to the development of our island, that is why it is essential for us to support the employment and the quality of life in La Reunion. With the rating agency BIOM WORK, we calculate our rate of reinvestment on the territory. The performance of BDO RÉUNION MAYOTTE is considered as EXCELLENT, as far as 71 % of the expenses of our customers are locally recycled.  The study contributes to maintain employment, to finance public services (health, safety, formation, pension,…) and to act for environment.